Mindful Marketing | Interview with David Greenspan

Mindful Marketing | Interview with David Greenspan

Katie Lance interviews David Greenspan. They discuss mindful marketing and more!
Have you ever wanted to be more mindful with your marketing efforts? In my recent interview with sales coach, keynote speaker and marketing strategist - David Greenspan we talked all about this and more!

We had a great conversation about how to be more intentional with your marketing if you are a real estate professional, how to build mindshare like the big brands do - regardless of budget, how to take the online offline and how real estate agents can dominate their market in 2023.

I know you will enjoy this conversation - listen on YouTube or on our podcast!

About David:

David Greenspan, CEO & founder of #MindShare101 is a Nationally recognized Keynote Speaker, Trainer and Coach who helps Sales Professionals and Businesses improve their Sales and Marketing efforts, by bridging the gap between your online and offline marketing to achieve a higher ROI on every marketing dollar spent. His direct, raw, and a real approach is designed to motivate you and give you the advice you need to know!
David’s goal is to help you build MindShare, creating a top-of-mind intuitive instinctive reaction, so when people think of the product or service you offer, they think of your name first, always putting you in the right place at the right time to take your business to the next level.

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